Get Your Makeup Done.

Talking about it is fun.  Actually doing it is even better.

McKenna has over five years of experience in makeup for weddings, photo shoots, parties, and just-for-fun occasions. The current rate for everyday occasions is $45.  The current rate for bridal makeup is $65, and a free consultation session is included in this cost if you are a resident of Chicago North Shore area and you book at least four weeks prior to your desired date (for scheduling purposes).  This cost also includes false eyelashes and a lipgloss for you to keep.  If other members of the bridal party should also choose to have their makeup done along with the bride, the cost is $35 per bridesmaid (consultation not included for bridesmaids).

Payment is due at the time of the scheduled makeup appointment in form of either cash or check (no Venmo or mobile pay, please). Tips are greatly appreciated.

Clients for all occasions must provide at least 24-hours notice for cancellation.  Payment is due otherwise.

Travel exceeding a half-hour’s distance merits an extra $15.00 gas charge. This fee also applies for travel to bridal consultation sessions.

Every client is advised to provide their own best-matched liquid or powder foundation for use. Because it’s difficult for one makeup artist to have a whole range of foundation shades on hand, it’s best if the client has their own.  Consulting a professional makeup artist for your foundation match is a must!


Tips for Clients:

Know thyself, but trust the makeup artist, too. Love smokey eyes? Looking for a less-than-subtle lip? Knock yourself out! Make your requests known and provide images for examples. However, understand that those with experience in makeup artistry may encourage you toward a different direction (especially when it comes to weddings), but it is only with the intent of meeting or increasing your satisfaction. If you still prefer something different, that’s okay! The point is to be open.

Have your foundation professionally matched to your skin tone. You can get this done anywhere. All it takes is a trip to your local mall’s beauty department, your closest Sephora, or your closest Ulta. Having a high-quality foundation that matches your skin tone is ideal for the makeup artist traveling to you, and it’s a worthy investment for your own makeup arsenal. You’ll always have the security of knowing a pro picked it for you, too. I advise that you leave the task of matching to the ones with trained experience (because let’s face it- sometimes we just get it wrong) and that you go somewhere other than the drugstore … formulas there can be limited in shade-range, may not cover as well, and don’t typically do wonders for sensitive skin.

Don’t base makeup expectations entirely on celebrity photos. While they can be excellent sources of inspiration, keep in mind that photos in magazines almost always involve airbrushing and Photoshop-editing. Additionally, celebrities pay thousands of dollars each year for top-of-the-line skin care routines that most of us can’t afford. It’s unrealistic to have Selena Gomez or Kate Hudson as the standard for what your skin should look like or how you should look in photos. Your face comes first, the makeup comes second.


3 thoughts on “Get Your Makeup Done.

  1. Hey McKenna! I absolutely love your blog and I am constantly reading it and getting tips! Thanks so much for what you do. You are aweome! I’m Indian and I really appreciated your part on Aishwarya Rai! Great stuff girl keep it up! I’ll keep you in mind for my big day!

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