My name is McKenna. I once did a class presentation on the different holiday makeup looks you can achieve with glitter in eighth grade. That should make things clear for you. If I’ve been in your bathroom I’ve probably attempted to go through your drawers or medicine cabinet in search of what kind of face cream you use or to steal a bobby pin or two. Sorry.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1.26.32 PM

The name for this blog was inspired by one of my favorite blushes, a NARS powder blush named Exhibit A. It is a fiery red: unexpected, audacious, but stunning and quite lovely once applied to the human face. I see this site as a space for sharing the unexpected, audacious, and lovely facets of the beauty world as applied to humans. And their faces.

I also see this site as a space for discussing what I found your medicine cabinet.  xo, MR

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One thought on “About.

  1. Hi McKenna! I loved your post on beachy waves as I’m trying to figure out how to get them on my own hair and yours was so funny I actually did laugh out loud. I totally agree. 90% of the “beach wave tutorials” found on youtube and google are completely glamorized into some sort of Hollywood Barbie look that I definitely don’t like. I loved the picture you posted along with your post. That is exactly what I think of when I think beachy waves.
    I’d love that look everyday for myself but can sea salt spray be used everyday or is it too drying? Also, I’ve heard of the John Masters sea salt spray but it’s a little out of my budget. You recommended making your own. Could you give me the recipe you use? I’ve got pretty straight hair, not poker straight but definitely considered straight and thick and somewhat course. Would this work for me? What texturizing paste would you suggest as well?
    Thanks so much McKenna!


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