BEST OF 2012. ‘Nuff said.

This one’s a little more straight forward, but probably not nearly as exciting.    Most of what I love in the beauty arena during a year’s time is what I see on celebrities, whether it’s a transformation, amazing styling at an event, or whatever.  I can’t say there will be mention of many trends in beauty as “bests”, because trends are usually either weird and unappealing and too flash-in-the-pan like pink ombre’, or I’ve liked them all along like this year’s braided pleats.  So anyhow, here goes!

#1  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking like something other than just a hot model.


With someone as good-looking as Rosie (I mean, she is dating Jason Statham), it would be easy to go for long mermaid waves, alluring smokey eyes, and a plunging neckline for every appearance.  But her eyes are almost bare here, her cheeks just lightly bronzed, and those berry-stained lips take center-stage thanks to a demure neckline (courtesy of Jason Wu) and sleek, side-parted hair.  It’s a refreshing look to see on a Victoria’s Secret model.  And on a nit-picky note, I love that the lip color is matte, not glossy.  It’s such good editing, such good use of stylistic discretion.  I’ve loved this “wet look” this year in hair, too, and I’ve tried the shiny side-parted style a few times this year on myself.  It’s great use of wet, just-washed hair, limited time, and a case of the lazies.

#2  These products changing my life.

photo (66)

Prior to 2012, I did not possess any of the items pictured here, either because they weren’t yet available or I just hadn’t gotten around to trying them yet.  What a fool I was (and yes, even if it wasn’t yet available, what a fool I was for not inventing it myself or something).  Kerastase’ Fibre Architecte has extended the life of my hair-ends by weeks, or even months, before needing a trim.  NARS‘s powder blushes in Orgasm and Exhibit A have each been applied to brides, fiance’s, friends, and myself countless times this past year.  CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara totally beat out any higher-priced mascara I tried in the past few months.  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner will probably be the only gel liner I’ll ever use for creating cat-eyes, ever again.  And Almay Makeup-Eraser Sticks have been nothing short of life-saving during wedding makeup application.  I’m sticking with all these babies for life!

#3   Drew Barrymore looking like one hot mama.


Drew had her first little baby bundle just a couple months ago, and my sister-in-law did the same.  Caring for a newborn is NO JOKE, and your hair and skin don’t exactly remain high on the priority list when you’re literally trying to teach a new human how to eat.  You’re loving and savoring life with your new baby regardless of your hair’s condition anyhow from what I’ve come to see, but I’ve gotta figure that having your own hair taken care of can’t hurt.  Drew was probably given this hair makeover for free, or at least she likely had just a little help getting to the hair salon in a caravan of Escalades and leaving her baby with one of a million well-paid nannies, but despite all the advantages her celebrity has brought her and my complaining thereof … that hair looks bomb.  No question.  If that’s post-baby hair right there, sign me up for a Jolie-sized litter.

#4   Severine dominating my world in Skyfall.



I love Bond movies because I loooooooove Bond girls.  They’re like the anti-Disney princesses.  Mysterious, seductive, and just dripping with luxury- you can practically smell the Tom Ford Violet Blonde from this screen.  But what I loved most about Severine from Skyfall, played by the overwhelmingly beautiful Berenice’ Marlohe, was how very over-the-top her styling was for her character.  I know I’m more of a minimalist in taste, but this was a case in which more was fantastically and unarguably more.  Her long, blood-red talon nails!  Her ridiculously dramatic eye makeup paired with no-less-dramatic wine-colored lips!  Her long, wild hair teased and sculpted into all kinds of exotic styles!  I have to also give props to Berenice for the fact that she shamelessly rocks the same over-the-top Severine aesthetic on the red carpet, too.  Seriously, this woman’s fearless.

#4  Achieving victory status.

photo (67)

I’ll admit that it was a big deal for me to accomplish some kind of different hairstyle on myself other than the most basic ponytail.  I’m not the most skilled when it comes to up-do’s, so the achievement of the victory roll was exciting for me.  However, the submission of some shots of my victory rolls landed my face on page 20 on InStyle magazine’s January issue!  I believe I’ve already discussed this just a teensy bit here.  Did someone stop me on the street and ask me to model for these pictures?  Nope.  Did I take those pictures and submit them myself?  Yep.  Do I even care?  Nope.  I’m in a magazine, fools!

#5  Olivia’s Wilde’s chop.


I know you’ve heard me go on and on about this before, but for reals, this was THEE hairstyle for me in 2012.  The color, the textured cut, the length, everything.  Olivia debuted this new look at the 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival, and I don’t think anyone has ever fixated on the phrase “textured long bob” so much as I have since seeing it.  It’s so funny how revolutionary some simple changes can be.  I think I just love that she didn’t have to wear a meat dress … or dye her hair a new primary color every other week … or be accompanied by a pretend Pope on the red carpet while wearing a red hoodie-cape that makes you look like the Don’t Look Now gremlin-surprise at the end of the movie … to gain some decent press.  She cut her hair and got some new highlights.  You know, stuff that we all do.

#6’s beauty page.


I pin the crap out of  I seriously do.  It’s basically an online magazine that features an endless amount of styling tips (on the tough trends, too!) and inspiration from both celebrities and the runway.  I’ve signed up for their email newsletter, but I still check the site everyday.  Stylists Emily and Merritt sure do know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion, and I can only suspect that they’re behind the site’s beauty page too, and it is amazing.  But seriously, look at the stuff they do!  A Hitchcock-based beauty inspiration board?!  My wildest dreams have come true!  The beauty page has also been featuring articles that will break down a celebrity’s entire look, including both hair and makeup, while listing the exact products used.  And if you know me, you know I’m always suspicious that Revlon ain’t all that Julianne Moore’s wearing on her face, even if you tell me so.

#7  Emma Stone’s EVERYTHING.


This.  This whole thing.  Right here.  The oh-so-thirties faux bob, with the deliciously-hued blackberry lip, and the palest, peachy-pink shade on those gooseberry green peepers, with that slightly glossy finish … mmmmmhm.  Styling a look like this takes skill and thought, from literally the top of her head down to her toenails.  People fret and worry over every detail when attempting to put something like this together, but look at the pay-off you get.  She looks stunning, and yet the whole package is unexpected and creative.  I get more excited about upcoming movies for their red carpet premieres, to be honest.  While the movie is certainly something to look forward to, let’s face it- I live for seeing stuff like this happen more than the movie.

#8  Emily Weiss’s utterly wicked how-to videos on


This woman is my inspiration.  Emily’s range of beauty knowledge, along with her team at “the Gloffice” as they call it, is incredible.  Emily doesn’t post videos that often, but when she does, they just make you want to bust out your whole kit and color your eyes with crayon until you look like the HOTTEST raccoon on the planet.  I also love that Emily’s videos don’t have her awkwardly staring into a camera, narrating every little step in her routine.  They’re set to music, without dialogue, and professionally shot and edited.  You just get to sit and watch, and it makes the whole getting-ready process look so much more glamorous.  This video posted above is Emily giving you her best smokey eye for a winter’s night out (tonight, perhaps?), and I’ve watched it a bajillion times.  Simply enchanting.

#9  She may not be able to smile, but she sure can look pretty in the eye sockets.


For as much as she drives me batty, Kristen Stewart had admittedly got a gem of a face for great makeup, especially in the peepers.  She’s been looking all kinds of gorgeous at premieres this year, but I sure just hope she’s been enjoying it (because Lord knows I can’t tell).  I’ve been dying to know what awesome team of stylists have gotten hold of her, just so I can send them a baby.  A baby, you ask? Yes, a baby smiles and giggles and makes you smile and giggle.  Kristen does not.  I’ll just have to hand-deliver that baby myself, though.  I can’t picture a baby being game for making you laugh after being air-shipped in a FedEx package.  On the other hand, Kristen often carries the expression that looks like she’s just been air-shipped in a FedEx package.  Hmmm …


photo (68)

And can you believe this gorgeous face has been responsible for bridal makeup four times in 2012, too?!  I know, I’m not surprised either. My beauty is utterly devastating.

But seriously though.  This has all been a really long time coming.  Thanks for reading, truly.  xo, MR

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