I’m into this.

So, my last post accrued a lot of good attention and feedback.  However, it took a ton of consideration and editing.  It’s been a long week without much sleep, and I’m not currently in a frame of mind to produce something like that just 72 hours after finishing the last product.  And yet some things, and some posts, can turn out just as well without a ton of consideration and editing.  They’re awesome in a straight-forward kind of way.  The same goes for some haircuts.

photo (95)

Now, what with my whole bias toward long hair and all, you may be surprised to see a short cut appearing on here.  Well, yes, I continue to proclaim my undying affinity for long that you can braid and brush and all that, but there are still short cuts on some gals that just werk.  I’d have a difficult time picturing Caley here without her short hair.  It’s perfect.  She styles it so many ways, with this being one of her more haphazard whatever! days, if you can believe it.  I’m all about this.  I don’t know if there will ever come a day when you’ll see the same on me, but who cares?  Caley’s too busy owning it anyways!

photo (94)

Terri’s another woman that I could not ever picture without her hair as it is.  It’s messy and amazing, with blonde highlights that never go to her roots for that great beachy look (and who knew beachy could happen without long California-surfer-girl waves?).  It’s funny how Terri’s hair is so quintessential to her character.  It’s her trademark- undeniably fun, modern, happy, maybe even frazzled.  She’s been my  boss at the coffee shop I’ve worked at for almost seven years, and I literally think I’d cry if she did anything different to her hair, ever.  It would seriously feel like losing a mom.

With the first day of February arriving tomorrow, I’m anxious with anticipation over the coming season.  Next month is Fashion Month and we’ll be seeing what’s in store for Fall 2013, but even more so I’m looking forward to just celebrating the spring that we’re about to usher in.  I’ve started my own tradition of changing up my hair a bit during each bi-annual Fashion Month (once in September and once in February), and so I’ve got my images all set to show my wizard in a just couple weeks.  I’d encourage you to do the same, and if you’re feeling extra bold I dare you to give one of these kick-butt looks a shot.  xo, MR

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