That one time I asked Maria Menounos a question. And that one time she answered.

So, I have a thing about healthy hair, right?  And I’m a fanatic about checking for split ends and all that junk to keep it in good shape, right?  And I always get fooled into thinking celebrity hair is otherworldly and somehow magically immune from all these problems, right?  And I’m a sucker for almost any hair product recommendation, right?

Right.  Mostly.

So, when given the opportunity to ask a celebrity any question related to beauty (with only the possibility that she may respond, not a guarantee), I figured what’s the harm in asking her what products she uses on her decently awesome hair?

The celebrity I’m referring to in this case would be T.V. personality Maria Menounos, who is most well-known for her role as a host on Extra and is the youngest person to ever host Entertainment Tonight.  Am I positive that everyone reading this knows who she is?  No.  Do I really care?  No.  You see, I try not to worry myself with some kind of quest to ask the biggest celebrity out there about their hair, because really big names like Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, or Sarah Jessica Parker tend to be sort of, well, taken care of when it comes to appearances.  Mega-watt celebrities commonly have endorsement deals, and are frequently serviced by hairstylists that offer them products and treatments sometimes at no cost.  I mean, you know how it is:  Jennifer Lopez has a deal with L’Oreal, so of course she’s going to claim that she uses their products (of which she probably has a lifetime supply), and because of how big-time her income is and how high-profile she is, she probably gets her hair blown out at least once a week and has an arsenal of stylists constantly at her disposal.  That’s not someone I want “hair tips” from.  Who can relate to that?  Could she even keep up the condition of her hair without her gaggle of beauty slaves doing it for her?  Does she know a life outside of a perfect weave?  Perhaps I’d ask J.Lo’s stylist about what products are used on her, but you’ve gotta figure that with all the hands that have touched her head and all that L’Oreal running through her veins, it would be hard to get a straight answer.

So to summarize, all of this is why I find it more valuable to seek the product knowledge of a slightly lesser-known celebrity.  Such information just stands a better chance of being more reliable and true to word.  Sure, Maria might be what you call “medium profile” status, and I’m certain she has her hair done for the camera, but she has no current endorsement deals (though she … *gulp* … was the face of Pantene at one point long ago).  She’s not on the pages of every magazine.  So I figure, why not ask?

And so ask I did.  I believe the exact phrasing of the question I submitted was something like, “Your hair always looks healthy.  Outside of regular trims, what products do you use to keep it in good shape?”  Of course, my question got majorly snipped down, but I’ll take whatever!  And so, I received my email from People StyleWatch stating that they’d like to use my question, and to expect it in an upcoming issue.

photo (4)

Seen this one on stands lately?  It’s the August issue, so it may not be too visible now what with September claiming its monstrous stake on newsstands.  But here it is nonetheless!  And so I believe if you turn to page 58 …

photo (5)

 … you’ll stumble upon my question and Ms. Menounos’ answer!  Letting it air-dry?  CHECK.  Wash just three times a week?  I’LL ONE-UP YA, MARIA:  I CLOCK IN AT TWO WASHES PER WEEK.  CHECK.  Varying products according to what your hair needs and not just obsessively using the same ones in all seasons?  Smart girl!  CHECK.  And naturally, two suggestions from Maria for two very reputable products: Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue treatment and Frederic Fekkai’s Brilliant Glossing Sheer Shine Mist.  Not bad.  This girl seems like she knows what she’s doing.  Now, have I purchased either of the aforementioned products since reading Maria’s response?  Nope.  Will I ever?  Maybe, but I’m good for now.  You see, what’s fun about exchanging beauty advice and suggestions is that you get to a point where, hopefully, you’ve found what works for you and the rest is now just optional.  It’s sort of fun just to know what folks use, right?  You don’t have to hop on their train if yours is already heading in the right direction.  But seriously, if I can ask someone like Maria what she does with her hair with the chance that she’ll respond back in a nationally-distributed publication, why not?  xo, MR

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