Vid Tutorial: Bronzer/Blush For Beginners

Okay, so I promise that my next post will be a written one!  I’m working on an article about my experience following another article that’ll shows the steps for emulating a certain celebrity look, and I’m super excited because it involves bright eyeshadow (a rare thing for me).  But for today, it’s more video tutorial practice!

Again, the aim for my tutorials is to be like, ridiculously simple and obnoxiously basic.  And always under ten minutes. Today this will look like discussing bronzer and blush, and how to apply both.  If you already know what you’re doing and if you’re already some expert in color correcting and could even offer Jaclyn Hill a few tips at this point, well, then maybe this isn’t for you.  So chill out and prepare to not be impressed.  I am not Huda Kattan.

On the flipside, if you’ve ever been unsure about where or how to apply bronzer, blush, or both at the same time and you just want somewhere to start, I’m here for you.  And note that my finished results really aren’t that much different from what I start with- the aim is never to transform, but rather to simply enhance.  Obviously you can build on blush and bronzer from the point where I leave you, but the biggest takeaway is the where and the how.  Enjoy!  xo, MR