… and this would be me.

... and this would be me.

I started wearing a lot of glitter in seventh grade. I know everyone did in junior high of my generation, but I really can’t communicate to you quite how much I wore. Just trust me. There are no pictures, but believe me when I say I left a literal trail everywhere I went.

Things have evolved since then, and I’ve never lost my devotion to the beauty department. I remember blowing a twenty-five dollar gift card all on one Chanel Glossimer during my freshman year of high school. I did a presentation on makeup artistry, complete with a demonstration, in eighth grade during language arts (for which I received a big, fat ‘A+’, by the way). I wander around Nordstrom in the beauty department with the hope that some kindly, drooling for sales commission representative of Dior will ask that fateful question, “May I try couple things on you today?!”

So here’s my basic mission statement:

I’m here to share my passion for the beauty department, which includes makeup, skin-care, and hair. I’m here to inform readers on what I use, where I go, and what I do to keep that passion well-fueled. I consider my audience to be anyone and everyone who has ever touched a makeup brush or a curling rod and either used it like a professional or has quietly muttered to themselves, ‘What. Do. I. Do.’ Whether you stick strictly to your local pharmacy for your routine or you settle for nothing less than the La Mer counter at Neiman Marcus, I believe I may have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to share with you.


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