All up in my face.

So, by now you know I love hair. I’m crazy about the stuff, and I’m finally at a place where I really enjoy my own. But even prior to honing my affections for my locks, I had developed a very special relationship with my face.

Throughout high school I’d gone through the typical battles against the occasional breakout, but my consistent involvement in sports with all the sweating, washing, and protein consumption probably helped to keep a real acne problem at bay. Anyhow, I began reading books and articles about natural body care during my late college years. The facts regarding most of the ingredients in what we wash and cover our skin and hair with scared me. I figured that it’s bad enough that I enjoy makeup so much, with its frequent use of animal testing and weird preservatives and mineral oil-based emollients. So, I decided to try and at least make changes in what I use on my skin and hair and the results have been nothing short of awesome. I’m at the point where I read the ingredients on the bottle, and I know that words like “natural” or “organic” pretty much mean nothing unless they’re backed up by a clean list of ingredients.

I love Desert Essence products so much that I now recommend that brand first when asked about switching to natural products by anyone. They’re almost 100% clean and they’re also really reasonably priced. I use their Daily Defense SPF 15 moisturizer and their Thoroughly Clean Face wash. I buy the giant bulk-sized bottles of the wash and pour it into a dispenser bottle for the shower. For the past four years or so my face has been consistent trouble-free since doing this routine. It’s never dry, never oily, and any breakouts clear up quickly. And when I do encounter a little flare-up, the pink sediment of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion works a small miracle in clearing it up pretty much within 48 hours.

For a night moisturizer I’ve been using Korres Yoghurt moisturizer, but I’m not sure about how sanitary the jar it’s packaged in is (you have to dab your fingers into the moisturizer instead of using a pump, which is more sanitary). I’m going to try Acure‘s night cream next, and it’s about seven bucks cheaper anyhow. And I usually don’t “wash” my face at night so to speak, but I use a Yes to Cucumbers face wipe instead. I like that kind better than the blueberry or tomato ones the brand has.

Eye creams have been tough because a good, natural one is usually concentrated with expensive ingredients, but because the amount of product is rather small they don’t seem to be worth the price. I love Weleda Intensive Wild Rose eye cream, but I’ve gotten lucky and found it on clearance each time I’ve had to repurchase it. I’m on the look-out for a new one that doesn’t cost thirty dollars, but the high-quality natural ones aren’t cheap.

For a face mask, I like Aubrey Organics Sea Buckthorn and Cucumber Moisturizing Mask. It doesn’t smell as delicious as others you may find, but it’s completely trustworthy on your skin. And when I exfoliate I use Origins Never a Dull Moment, which smells like a big, juicy apricot.

Most all of my stuff can be found at Sprout’s, Whole Foods, or even Target. I’ve loved taking care of my skin so much more since going natural because I know I don’t have to worry about shady chemicals with names I can’t pronounce being in charge of how my skin looks. I submit that your skin will experience similarly awesome results if you give your routine a green spin. Now if I can just stop eating Takis and ruining my insides with mercury and lead … seriously …

2 thoughts on “All up in my face.

    • I so wish I did! Honestly, if I could just buy tons of oils (like coconut, tea tree, etc.) and just use them for their different purposes that would be my ideal regimen. Maybe they have stuff like that in Gulu? But what I really want to know what the girls use over there! I LOVE hearing about the different stuff that’s used in different parts of the world? What’s popular over there? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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