I did not like this.

We’ll get one thing straight right out of the gate:  Stacey Keibler does not deserve to wear Marchesa.  Simply because you are George Clooney’s flavor of the week does not mean you qualify as a candidate for wearing the garments meant for royalty and the likes of Grace Kelly and those who truly, truly love and care about clothing.

Alright, so now that I’ve said my piece of derp for the week, it’s time to move on to what really bothered me about this look- the hair.  I’ve said this before, but what really can make or break a red carpet look (and any, in fact) is the styling.  You can have an out-of-this-world gown and a superstar with goddess-like features, but I’ve always felt that if the makeup and hair are done in a haphazard way that doesn’t accommodate, the entire thing can go to squat.  Take for instance Miss Keibler’s hairstyle here:

There’s no denying that Stacey is a beautiful woman.  However, I am a make-it-perfect-from-all-angles kind of girl, as in make sure the hair looks great from every perspective.  This just missed it.  I mean, am I actually looking at a giant pair of bobby pins sticking out of her hair from the back view?!  Unless you’re going for some sort of avant-garde presentation, you should not be able to see the pins in your hair.  From the front, it looks alright (although it is a little too much asymmetry, for my taste), but that back view just kills it for me.  Seriously, I could’ve thrown this together within ten minutes.  And that’s not a good thing.  xo, MR

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