What I’m Obsessing Over: This French woman telling you how to wash your face

So, this kind of post is basically just me drooling over someone else’s post.  Namely, Into The Gloss’s post.  This website, as I may have mentioned before, literally changed my approach to beauty over two years ago.  It carries an extreme insider perspective (with founder Emily Weiss being either a current or former Vogue fashion assistant, I’m not sure … Into The Gloss may be her full-time gig now), and it provides a thorough and luxurious look into beauty complete with inspiration boards, product reviews (both drugstore and high-end), interviews of fashion and beauty insiders peeking into their routines, and so much more.

I think ITG was the first source responsible for getting me to both calm down and obsess even more over beauty.  I’ve realized that wearing absolutely nothing but some NARS Dragon Girl on my lips is perfectly okay, and yet I am more particular now over what I use on my skin than ever before.  I’ve never felt more affirmed in my love for a throw-it-up-and-go topknot than I have since becoming a regular ITG reader, and yet I now use Rahua shampoo (but only once a week, since I wash twice a week and I switch off between two shampoos, with the other typically being Aveda’s Color Conserve).  My hair doesn’t always look great, but it’s undeniably healthy.  I credit the fact that I’m satisfied with healthy-but-not-always-pretty hair to ITG, along with my beauty philosophy in general over the past couple years.

Anyhow, ITG also manages to produce some amazeballs how-to videos, including Emily’s smokey eye makeup, a lovely tutorial on contouring and brightening, and this little number on how to wash your face.  And you thought you knew how to wash your face!  Nope, not until a super-chic skin care expert with a glorious French accent tells you how!  Now, behold and be amazed.  You’ll want to listen to her say “thermal water” over and over and over.  xo, MR

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