Thank God it’s Friday! NOW PUT ON THE EYESHADOW.

It’s official:  I have become one of those “working for the weekend” types.  I landed myself a job that consists of a solid eight hours a day, five days a week.  I start my day early in the morning and by 4:30 in the afternoon, I’m bushed.  Each day feels like an accomplishment, but let me tell you: Monday seems awfully far from Friday, and Friday seems SO CLOSE to Monday.  I’m not sure how that happens, but regardless of the fatigue, the regular schedule is all turning out to be great for me.  I’m eating regularly and all day long, and I get panicky if I don’t wear comfortable shoes or have enough water.  I can’t help but respond to these messages that my body is sending me, and so as a consequence I’ve ended up building healthier habits, little by little.  I can even take a nap now and it doesn’t have to be two hours long!

However, another consequence of having such a job is MAY-JER weekend anticipation.  Like, I am literally playing this in my head over and over come Thursday afternoon.  I officially get the point of happy hour.  I officially get “TGIF”.  I officially feel bad for all the times I sort of rolled my eyes at the folks who would enthusiastically update their statuses as they awaited their Friday night sushi or tapas or whatever.  So, what’s more exciting than actually making some concrete plans for a Friday night so I can do nothing but clinch my keyboard in anticipation at my desk all day (and stay on task, of course)?!

But naturally, the real pleasure of “going out” for me is not the actual “going out”.  It’s the “getting ready” part that hits my sweet spot.  Give me an hour or two to just zen out with my makeup brushes and trust me- I’ll be a happy camper that evening whether I end up at the Chateau Marmont or if I decide to just hang out in a dumpster with some Cheetos as I wave a flashlight around my head.  That’s some hoodrat clubbin’.

So what kind of makeup do you wear for a night out?  Well, during my two nights out in Vegas in which I stepped out of my room to escape the Circus Circus nightmare that I’d paid for, I’ve typically noticed the unfortunate combination of too-much-bronzer and too-much-eyeliner and too-much-lipgloss.  Rule of thumb:  You get one of those, okay?  YOU. GET. ONE.  Unless it’s opening night of Hairpsray AND YOU’RE THE STAR … you get one.  Unless you’re walking the runways at Paris Fashion Week and you’ve got the pancake face of Karl Lagerfeld HIMSELF to compete with … you get one.  But sometimes … sometimes … there’s a case in which you maybe get two.  For your consideration, a you-pick-two look brought to you by yours truly:

IMG_6645Now, I’d been wanting to put golden eyeshadow on Laura’s eyes for months but I’d just never had the chance to snatch those little blue eyeballs!  I used MAC’s Gorgeous Gold on Laura’s lids to bring out major contrast in her eyecolor, and that’s MAC’s Russian Red on her lips.  The lip color has got to be one of the most universally flattering shades of red, and what’s unique about gold is that it also works with eyecolor and skintone of all shades.  This particular shade from MAC does different things on different eyes, and I can’t recommend it enough.  I didn’t do a thing to Laura’s cheeks, and I only evened out her skin with a light wash of foundation and a good dusting of powder- I didn’t want her skin to be too shiny.  I love that the look is a little more of a Disney Princess look, and yet it still has the potential to be somewhat editorial.  It is in this case that I would submit that you can do both statement eyeshadow and statement lips.  It doesn’t happen often, folks.

So what will I do tomorrow night as far as makeup’s concerned?  I haven’t the faintest.  But I can assure that I’ll be thinking about allllllllll day long tomorrow as I sit at my desk.  xo, MR

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