What to do, what to do.

I’m in a real pickle.

I just don’t know what to do with my hair.  Yes, this is what’s consuming me for the most part these days when it comes to beauty.  That and a beautiful bottle of the new My Burberry fragrance, calling my name.  Or my nose.

Some are telling me to just keep my hair as it is.  I’ll admit that I think I’ve finally grown it out to what I’ve dreamed it could be for a while.  It’s versatile, the color’s good, and it’s the longest it’s been in a while.  However, the changing of the seasons always seems to put an itch for change on my brain.  So here, observe exhibit A.


september 14 hair

This is my hair as it is, right now.  It’s my usual formula of letting it air-dry (and probably sleeping on it that night twisted up in a soft scrunchie), and then wrapping a few sections around a 1.25′ curling iron the next day.  I love what it’s doing these days (especially when I actually do it), but you know how it goes.  The grass is always greener, the hair is always prettier.  I wish someone could’ve shown me this shot one year ago; I probably would’ve been drooling.  Now, of course, I’m half over it.  I really should learn to remember how hard I worked to grow this out.

But oh, the possibilities!  The idea of change for autumn!  It just makes me want to twirl in menswear-inspired Zara coat and chop it all off into a blunt bob.  But change in hair for me doesn’t even demand something drastic.  However, I’m still having trouble weighing my options.  Observe exhibit B.


This would mean going lighter all over.  Now, I’ve gone lighter, but I’ve never gone lighter all over.  Could mean more maintenance, could mean more damage.  But the idea is exciting!  And I’d take perhaps an inch off to bring it to Olivia’s length.

Now, exhibit C.


BANGS!  I’ve done bangs before, and I complained more than your two-year-old at Target around 1:00pm without a nap.  However, I always think that I’ll do better with them this time around.  Will I?  There’s no way to really find out without just going for it.  I will point out though that growing out bangs just seems to be a lot worse than growing out a shorter cut.  The bangs just get more annoying and in-your-face over time, and styling cheek-length bangs is murrr-derrrr.

Aside from the cut, I also love the bronze-y color of Jolie’s hair, here.  It’s so warm and beautiful.  I’m thinking I’m leaning toward the warmer side as far as color goes.  I used to think the fall season meant it’s time to go darker; now I’m thinking fall means more golden, more auburn, more colors of the leaves!

And then, there’s the thought of going in a different direction completely.  Enter exhibit D.


The last time I had dark hair, I was going through a difficult season.  I now unfortunately equate darker hair with negative emotions and circumstances, and so I’m reticent to go here simply because I’m scared my mind will, in a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of way, cause that sad season to repeat.  I’m also convinced that darker just isn’t as flattering on my features.  But again, I haven’t done this in a while and I haven’t had long, dark hair in years.  Mila’s still carries a warmth to it, too, that feels rich and chocolaty.

So in conclusion, I need HELP.  I don’t know what to do!  And I need your input.  Any other suggestions?  Comments? OR SHOULD I JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE IT?!  Help a sister out!  xo, MR

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