In need of new makeup brushes? I got you covered.

So, I currently live in a town that I really love.  And I love that I feel comfortable calling it a “town”.  There’s even a part of this town that’s actually referred to as “Old Towne Orange”.  Yes.  With the “e” at the end of “towne” and everything.  It’s cute and trendy and beautiful and all Leslie Knope-y, small business-y, Main Street U.S.A-ish.  And that part about the small business- I’m really not kidding.

Amazing local fare in restaurants with two hour waits (lookin’ at you, Gabbi’s!), antique malls that you can get lost in (I see you, It’s About Time Antiques!), and sweet, delicate apparel shops (hey-yo, Laurenly!) are just some of the places I love to wander in on a Saturday morning in Old Towne.  I know that I will look back on these years and think so affectionately of all the time I spent at Provisions, or LinX, or Haven Gastropub, or even the Starbucks that I spent hours developing my Master’s thesis at.  And you should know- my salon is here, too!  Yes, the ever-famous (well, in my head at least) Salon 9 is in Old Towne Orange, along with the ever-famous Justin Kamm who’s been doing my hair fooorrrr-ehhhh-verrrrr.  It should be clear that this is just a good place.

Another sweet and wonderful addition to this area is The Dizzy Daisy floral shop, located at 262 S. Tustin Street.  I’ve been lucky enough to have been contacted by the folks at Dizzy Daisy to share about a line of new, beautiful makeup brushes that they are carrying exclusively- BreLuxe Beauty Fluffs.  Now, as we all know by this point, makeup brushes are tantamount to quality makeup application, and I won’t vouch for just any cheap brush!  Watch the brief video below for a run-down on what brushes are offered in this line that’s only sold locally at The Dizzy Daisy, and if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by to pick up a new set of brushes and some flowers for your mama because you love her!  Cheers!


xo, MR

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