Drugstore Cowgirl

Familiar sight?

Yes, I do frequently find myself perusing aimlessly through my local drugstore. In fact, I frequently find myself perusing aimlessly through the not-so-local ones as well. CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreen’s, and whatever others there may be … I’ve wandered them all, near and far. However, I should add that it is especially awkward with the local stores because the check-out attendants see my face quite a bit. But that’s not really what makes it awkward, when I think about it … it’s the fact that nine times out of ten, I walk out of the store without buying anything. I literally … just … wander. And then I leave.

I’ll wander down the hair care aisle and open up maybe five bottles of shampoo or conditioner, smell them, and then shut them, put them back, and leave. Or I’ll stare at the L’Oreal eyeshadows, pick one up, walk around with it, and then put it back and leave. Or I’ll be staring at the skin care products and I’ll pick up the package of pre-moistened face towelettes and kind of squish them in their package, and then put them back and leave. Or sometimes … I just stare. And then leave.

Don’t ask me why I do any of this, or what it does for me when I do it. Believe me, I’m aware of how I may look as I engage in these behaviors. Shoplifter? Social disorder? Obsessive compulsions? Incurable boredom? Yeah, it could look like it (and trust me, I’m not kidding when I say that the cashier attendants know who I am … they give me the look every time).

Wandering through the drugstore beauty aisles will probably remain one of my favorite ways to kill time, though. Maybe it’s just the idea of being around the products of an industry I enjoy. But seriously- there’s enough to look at, there’s usually something new, I’m not too tempted to buy anything there because most of the products ain’t that great for your skin or hair (and if I do buy anything I probably won’t be spending too much). So if you see me creepin’ at Rite-Aid next week and sniffing a deep conditioner without any intent of purchasing, just keep your side-eye to yourself. You know you do it too, honey boo boo. xo, MR

I am the rudest house guest on Earth, but I just can’t help myself!

Confession- If I use your bathroom and there are any cabinets, drawers or showers located within, I can guarantee you without a shadow of a doubt that I will snoop. I will paw through the drawers and the cupboards below the sink and I will look through the baskets of stuff you’ve got (and I’m always disappointed when it’s just toilet paper or extra towels … boring people). I will move aside the shower door or curtain (and more often than not, step inside) and look at every bottle of whatever-you’ve-got. Oh, and I’ll probably look through your medicine cabinet. Am I looking to dig up dirt on you by finding out what prescriptions you’re on? Nope, and I really couldn’t care less about your anti-diarrheal pills anyhow. However, I may be quite intrigued by what kind of eye cream you perhaps use, and that is what I’m looking for.

Bathrooms are one of my most favorite things on Earth. I love the process of getting clean and getting ready, and so much of that takes place in a bathroom. Combined with my love for beauty, I am in heaven in a great, well-used bath chamber. I love seeing what people use on their hair and faces and body. I love opening up bottles of products I’ve never tried before and smelling them and reading their labels. I love knowing what you look like on a daily basis and then discovering what particular items are responsible for that by going through your stuff. And so, when I find myself in a bathroom I’ve never been in before, it’s a little adventure for the beauty-obsessed part of me.

Beauty-blogger-role-model-of-mine Emily Weiss of intothegloss.com has had the same kind of fascinations with what other people use for their daily routine. On her blog, she ingeniously documents other folks’ ‘top shelves’ by interviewing her acquaintances on their beauty philosophies, habits, and products they love and photographing their own stuff in its natural home habitat. I felt inspired to do my own ‘top shelf’ post and let you snoop around in my bathroom, but for now I won’t include too much commentary on all my stuff … I’ll save that for later posts. So for now, here’s just a look … enjoy! xo, MR

That Weleda SkinFood is an amazing moisturizer; I love mixing it with foundation when I do makeup for friends or brides. And I haven’t tried the Acure night cream yet … I’m not quite finished with my old Korres Yoghurt cream. Oh and my husband uses the Bumble&bumble Texture on his mustache!

Davines’ Momo conditioner is some of the best I’ve ever tried. It’s incredible for my chronically-dry hair that I’m always trying to grow out.

Ever since I switched out most all of my skincare products to more natural ones, my face just hasn’t had any problems. I can no longer do without Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean face wash; it leaves my skin really dry right after washing, but I haven’t dealt with pimples in about three years since using it. You just need to put on moisturizer right afterwards. Sometimes I’ll be naughty and I’ll use one of the cheap drugstores bodywashes that smell so good and make your skin feel all slick (in this case, the cucumber Olay). Most stuff like that is so bad for you; petrolatum is the second-most ingredient in this one! But most of the time I’m using the big ole’ bottle of almond Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, and I make my husband use that because I’m paranoid.

Oh, and don’t worry my pretties- this comes nowhere close to accounting for all of my stuff. More to come!