Drugstore vs. Department Store: Undereye Concealers

Under-eye concealer can be tricky. Even at the spring chicken age of twenty or so, our eyes are usually the first place to show signs of any aging and are almost always the first place to show signs of fatigue. Makeup artists have used various types of concealer in the under-eye area to conceal dark circles and even out the skin tone around the eye. The overall effect is one of being more awake and more … um … spring chicken-ish. However, pick the wrong shade and you possibly wind up looking something like this. Or choose an iffy formula and it winds up creasing into your tiny wrinkles found in your lower eyelid. And I just hate relying on heavy-duty concealer under there for everyday, because it literally looks like you’ve painted cake batter on your lower lids.

So anyhow, pictured above are two versions of the aforementioned product. One costs about four times as much as the other (Oh please, do guess!), and one has not worked as well for me as the other. Now, perhaps I just didn’t land on the right shade, but I have to say that the famed Yves Saint Laurent Touche’ Eclat has wound up as somewhat of a disappointment. It just wasn’t the miracle that it was prophesied to be by blogger after blogger, magazine after magazine. The brush applicator it uses is incredibly soft, but I actually prefer applying concealer with my finger because the warmth of my skin seems to do a much better job at blending as opposed to a brush. Oh well. I’ve been using that L’Oreal True Match stuff for years and I continue to prefer it over other formulas for everyday use. I’ve found it more brightening and more creamy in texture.

Hey, every once in a while the drugstore really pulls through. xo, MR