Bridal anti-makeup

Megan is one of those women that makes you take a good, hard look at yourself and ask ‘How can I give more? How do I need to change? I want to be more like her.’ She has an iron will and a heart of compassion, and, no joke … she teaches underprivileged sixth-graders at a charter school in Watts. I have an education in, well, education, and I can say with all certainty that that is tough. And I’m not even referring to the kids (because they will be a challenge in any classroom anywhere), but the system that teachers are up against these days in California can be brutal and discouraging. I love Megan for her ability to endure and for her uncompromising integrity in the face of adversity.

For her wedding, Megan didn’t have a particular plan for her face because makeup isn’t really one of her things. And not that it mattered- she goes without it pretty much everyday and manages to always look naturally beautiful. You just don’t picture Megan with a lot of makeup on when you think of her, and so her bridesmaids and I concluded that the ‘less is more’ approach would make the most sense for her. And boy did it work out. Using a bronze-y, metallic palette for her green eyes, a little peachy-pink blush combined with bronzer for cheeks, a warm lip color, and my go-to MakeupForever HD foundation and finishing powder, and voila!… it’s all she needed. I like to think of it as an “anti-makeup” approach to bridal makeup … all I was going for was enhancement of Megan’s natural features. Anything too out of the ordinary for her would’ve just been so … not her.

And seriously, who needs makeup with that hair? xo, MR

All photography is credited to Jen Disney Photography. For more of Jen’s work, check out her talents at .

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