Bridal anti-makeup

Megan is one of those women that makes you take a good, hard look at yourself and ask ‘How can I give more? How do I need to change? I want to be more like her.’ She has an iron will and a heart of compassion, and, no joke … she teaches underprivileged sixth-graders at a charter school in Watts. I have an education in, well, education, and I can say with all certainty that that is tough. And I’m not even referring to the kids (because they will be a challenge in any classroom anywhere), but the system that teachers are up against these days in California can be brutal and discouraging. I love Megan for her ability to endure and for her uncompromising integrity in the face of adversity.

For her wedding, Megan didn’t have a particular plan for her face because makeup isn’t really one of her things. And not that it mattered- she goes without it pretty much everyday and manages to always look naturally beautiful. You just don’t picture Megan with a lot of makeup on when you think of her, and so her bridesmaids and I concluded that the ‘less is more’ approach would make the most sense for her. And boy did it work out. Using a bronze-y, metallic palette for her green eyes, a little peachy-pink blush combined with bronzer for cheeks, a warm lip color, and my go-to MakeupForever HD foundation and finishing powder, and voila!… it’s all she needed. I like to think of it as an “anti-makeup” approach to bridal makeup … all I was going for was enhancement of Megan’s natural features. Anything too out of the ordinary for her would’ve just been so … not her.

And seriously, who needs makeup with that hair? xo, MR

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Here comes my (first) bride!

Whitney has been a friend of mine since late high school, and one my very closest at that. She was a bridesmaid in my own wedding last year and there was never a question that I’d be a bridesmaid for her. When I think of Whitney, the words ‘loyalty’ and ‘dedication’ immediately come to mind. She’s worked herself to the grindstone the past couple years pursuing (and achieving!) the goal of a nursing career, a journey which brought her to the brink of insanity. But when Whitney sees capability and calling within herself or others, there’s just no stopping her. She’ll work night and day to push herself, and she values the qualities of commitment and hard work in others too.

It’s for these reasons that Whitney’s been the one friend that has pestered me the most to advertise my talents. I’m pretty wishy-washy on things like these, but not long after her engagement, Whitney asked me to do her makeup for her big day. Now, I’d never put myself to the bridal test before (unless you count my own wedding … I did my own makeup for the most part … more on that later), so I was still nervous at the idea. What was so cool, however, was that Whitney just had such complete confidence in me. She made me feel like a professional, and in turn I felt like one. We had a couple practice sessions, and by the bachelorette weekend we’d hit the spot. On the day of, I really couldn’t have been more proud of my work. As a whole picture, I’d never seen her look more beautiful. I was floored.

I honestly felt like a champ after this wedding. I was encouraged, and I felt inspired to try for more. Since then (and this was in April, by the way), I’ve done a couple faces for Prom, some general practice on friends, two more brides (one of which seals the deal this weekend!), and countless applications on myself. I’d also done the makeup for a couple photography sessions earlier in the year. I aim to push myself this next year with the hopes of making just a couple more brides as happy as my Whitney! xo, MR

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