She sells sea smells by the seashore.

I’d never been much of a girl for summer, but since my appreciation for fashion in all its seasons has grown, I’ve begun appreciating the varying climates and environments that inspire designers more and more. I’ve evolved into a woman for all seasons these past couple years, and now I can’t enough of whatever it is … sunshine, rain, crisp breezes, fog (just not wind).

My favorite times of summer consist of taking a drive to the beach by myself, packing a couple mags, and bringing a couple favorite beauty products of mine that tend to do simply two things: moisturize and smell like vacation. But other than that, I won’t wear a drop of makeup to the beach. Slather on the sunscreen, and brother that is it.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti Tiare is an oil product that smells nothing short of divine. I found it at a Mother’s Market and it’s a little escape in a bottle. I’ve only recently fallen in love with the idea of tropical places (because for so long I was strictly a forest girl), and now I can’t get enough of scents that transport me to pristine beaches of golden sand. You can put this stuff in your hair and all over your skin, and it solidifies under 68 degrees. Deeeee-lish.

I typically favor neutral nail colors, as seen here on my fingers (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Honey Whip). I chose a similar color for my wedding day and just used it instead of French tips or acrylics. I don’t know why, but I just can’t get into what I call ‘add-ons’, like hair extensions or acrylic nails. I even had a hard time with false eyelashes at first, but I couldn’t argue with what they did for pictures.

I’ll go a little more dramatic on my toes for some pop. This one’s Chanel Le Vernis in Black Pearl, from the Spring 2011 collection. And that’s a picture of Jessica Alba with a faboosh topknot. Can’t get enough of those things. xo, MR

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