Hair today ……..

This is me, waving a fond farewell to my long locks (the longest they’ve been, I believe, since high school). They’ve made for some of the greatest summer hair I’ve ever had, complete with ombre’ color, and they’ve not been cut since … February? Yup, February. They’ve maintained their health thanks to my regular routine consisting of washing just twice a week, cold rinses, deep conditioning with every third wash, air-drying almost 100% of the time, and a little miracle product from Kerastase called Fibre Architecte, which probably extended the life of my ends by at least two months.

However, it is now late August, and the children shall be returning to school which means that I’ll be returning with them. I’ve also begun my usual routine of incessantly picking at my split ends that probably weren’t as bad to begin with until I got my paranoid hands on them. And then there’s also the fact that I just love a good cut to transition into a new season (even though it’ll continue to seem like summer out here for at least two more months, probably).

And so, I bring you the long bob as styled by the great Justin Kamm over at Salon 9 in Orange:

Inspired by one of Anne Hathaway’s cuts from the not-quite-so-recent years, I decided to steer away from layers and go for a more blunt look. I love it unquestionably, but I also love how my hair was less than five hours ago. That’s a good thing though, right? I like it most any way these days, and that should be enough to shut me up and keep me pretty satisfied. Thanks Justin! xo, MR

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