And in other top priority international news … mascara.

I can’t speak about mascara without first stating that I use three different kinds every time I apply.  Every. Time.  It probably takes me a solid five minutes or more to do mascara beginning with bare lashes, and it is by far the most exciting part of my makeup shenanigans.  You know how it is … you get the whole routine going on and then the mascara is the beautiful bow on the package to top it all off and pull it all together.  It adds that final one-two-punch of drama and seals the deal, and everyone seems to like it in a different way.  I get really mad when I see girls with what I don’t perceive to be enough mascara, or it’s clumpy, or whatever.  But what’s funny is that they probably do it that way everyday, and they probably think my own mascara job sucks.

But allow me to offer up one assertive opinion on the subject- I don’t really get people who can use just one kind of mascara.  I mean, one kind?  Do you eat just one kind of cheese, too?  Or do you watch just one movie you like on repeat and never watch any others?  You may argue that you’ve found your eternal favorite that you’re loyal to, but when there are so many kinds of mascara to choose from, you know there’s got to be even more out there that you’d enjoy and use just as much as your beloved one, perhaps along with it.  Maybelline New York probably cranks out about three new kinds of mascara every year alone (with 50% of them being useless, in my opinion … Great Lash can suck it), and I’d say every other makeup brand puts out perhaps at least one new kind of mascara per year, including drugstore and luxury brands.  The options really are veering on endless.  I mean, come on … they make ones that vibrate now, for crap’s sake.

Mascara’s also a particular pleasure of mine because it’s the one cosmetic item that I truly believe can deliver quality performance for under ten bucks.  Go ahead and buy the thirty-dollar kind, but I believe that the stuff you find at the drugstore is just as capable when it comes to mascara.  DiorShow?  Eh, not worth all the hype (and it’s got perfume in it … yuck and for why?).  BeneFit Bad Gal?  I’ve had way better.  I’m usually one to push for spending the extra bucks when it comes to makeup, but mascara is my true exception.

So, after trying countless kinds of mascara, I’ve finally found three kinds that I can truly place my faith in (or at least, when they’re all used together).  I usually find myself looking for volumizing formulas because my lashes aren’t particularly dense, and CoverGirl’s LashBlast Fusion has been a staple of mine for probably two years or so now.  That stuff is great.  If I had to use just one kind, I’d choose this.  However, I don’t apply this kind first.  I first apply just a couple coats of Revlons‘ Grow Luscious by Fabulash to lengthen my lashes and build a tacky base.  Next, I apply some of BeneFit’s They’re Real by wriggling the rubber brush at the base of my lashes a few times.  This creates the illusion of fullness, and because it’s an especially wet, inky formula it makes the lashes look much darker and dense, and it builds well on the tackiness of the Revlon.  A lot of formulas can suffice for this part of my process- L’Oreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black works well, too.  After this, I finally begin applying as many coats of LashBlast Fusion as I want until I’m satisfied.  This creates volume and separation, and because it’s another tacky formula it can just keep building and building.  Oh, and every kind I buy is in the blackest shade I can get, but I have heard that brown-black photographs better and that brown mascara on the bottom lashes looks much more natural.  And speaking of, I don’t do mascara on the bottom lashes.  I never have.  Things just start looking a little too spidery-smudgey for me when it’s on the bottom.  That green tube in the picture, by the way, is the newest mascara from CoverGirl called Clump Crusher.  Seriously.  But I’ve got to admit, I tried it just this morning for the first time and it’s ahhhhhhhh-mazing.  Might be the beginnings of a new favorite.

I’ve honestly got I-don’t-know-how-many kinds of this stuff in my current possession, but the item will be a forever staple of mine and so I’ve got no reason to stop trying all of them!  Cheers to spider-eyes!  xo, MR

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