Let’s Talk (More) About Glossier

A little over a month ago, a skincare and makeup brand named Glossier asked me to join their rep program.  And if you know me, you know that this was very, very exciting.  I figured it might be worth doing a full post to give you the low-down on what exactly this means (and what it doesn’t mean).

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Let’s start with a brief word about the brand.  Glossier is the beauty brand born out of long-favorited blog IntoTheGloss.  Glossier’s goal is to “lay the foundation for a beauty movement that celebrates real girls, in real life.”  Their aesthetic revolves around the philosophy of “skin first, makeup second”, and that “skincare is essential, makeup is a choice.”  With the meteoric rise of makeup gurus like James Charles, Huda Kattan, Nikkie De Jager (NikkieTutorials), and Jaclyn Hill with their extreme, maximalist makeup techniques using everything but the bathroom sink, it’s nice to see a brand essentially counter that movement with a minimalist, skin-first aesthetic.


I can’t relate well to matte, exaggerated liquid-lipstick-lips.  Neither do I relate well to perfectly stenciled brows or covering the skin in heavy makeup, only to try and recreate dimension now lost by adding highlight and contour on top!  There are moments for makeup like this, but it’s just not an everyday thing for me.  Skincare, on the other hand, is an everyday thing for me along with a bit of color and accenting of features I like such as brows.  Glossier’s ideas about beauty match mine- you should always look like you, and your skin should still look like skin, even with the extra bit of color or false lashes or foundation.  And so their products like Boy Brow, Generation G lipstick, Stretch concealer, Milky Jelly cleanser, and the three Super serums have been perfect matches for my everyday routine.  Simple and natural, putting skin first, while adding just enough zing.


And so, Glossier has released their products slowly, one by one (or in a set of three, at the very most).  Each Glossier product is meant to address a very basic need with the intent of being one of your staples.  Whether it’s a truly excellent everyday moisturizer, or four brilliant shades of blush, or the perfect facial cleanser, Glossier products are meant to be your favorites that you wear everyday and repurchase over and over.  Glossier also has the awesome habit of crowd-sourcing their products, meaning they take the advice and input of their readers on IntoTheGloss to create the perfect skincare or makeup item based on the consumer’s desires.  Oh, and their design and branding are soooo dang cute.  Snapping a pic of your adorable pink Glossier stuff feels natural, even when mixed in with your other favorites.  And every delivery comes with a cute pink pouch!  And stickers!

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So what exactly does it mean now that I’m a “brand rep?”  Well, nothing too crazy (thankfully).  It mostly means I love Glossier and the folks who work there noticed!  I was asked to join the program by a Glossier team member because of my love for the brand as displayed on social media, and my frequent commenting on IntoTheGloss.  A page was then created for me with a little introductory video, along with a list of my favorite products.  When any purchases are made through my page (as opposed to the general website), I receive a bit of commission (5% currently- it’s baby commission!).  And for those who are purchasing Glossier for the first time, you receive a 20% discount when you purchase through my page too.  Below is just an image – click here to see my little vid (I talk to you!) and shop through my page.

Screenshot 2017-04-19 20.48.32

What I love is that while I get to rep this brand, I am not technically selling anything.  All purchases are still ultimately made through Glossier.  I don’t have any inventory that I need to sell.  I will not be asking anyone to join my “team” or to “join me on my journey”.  I just get to tell you about new launches, probably share photos with you, and talk about the products that I love and how I use them.  Not bad!  And of course, if you decide to click “Add To Cart” through my page, that’s not so bad either.  Just look for that “You’re shopping with McKenna Rishmawy” icon to the top right like you see in the photo.

Please, please let me know if you have any questions about the brand or any products.  I’m more than happy to make recommendations, and don’t forget to find me at glossier.com/reps/mckennaxo, MR


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